How to deal with baby-blues after pregnancy

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

What are the baby blues?

Baby blues are feelings of sadness a woman may have in the first few days after having a baby. It is also called postpartum blues. Baby blues can happen 2 to 3 days after you have your baby and can last up to 2 weeks.

How does it feel?

Being a mom comes with a great reward and plenty of challenges. All the new moms go with a bunch of changes that cause great mental and physical trauma. This postpartum stress of becoming oversized, weak, agitated, meticulous about newborn, adapting new routine, and a lot more, comes with the perks of motherhood. Hence, it leads to the path of depression.

Particularly, to the first time moms, whose lack of experience, turn their pleasure to the burden. And instead of enjoying the new phase of life, they start getting exhausted which results in baby-blues.

5 important tips for postpartum care

A piece of good knowledge and mindfulness could make a lot of difference to the approach from the beginning.

Living alone in abroad and getting blessed with two amazing kids, made me much more confident and intellectual about parenthood. After my first child, who was born pre-term and with a few complications, I decided to be much more aware and educated before adding a new life to our family. Therefore, my indulgence in curated maternity research ended up with many benefits to me in my second baby.

"For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you"

Dealing with Baby-blues: Mindfulness over depression: Steps to self-help measures

One of the foremost causes of stress is body weight after delivery. Getting affected by the change of physical structure is just an unrequited turmoil. The idea to dispense with this condition is, to accept reality.

The hurry to get back into a normal shape sometimes brings more complications. That reminds me of the time when I desperately needed to lose some pounds to look fit in a family function right after the birth of my first child. Therefore, I quickened to a crash diet, which caused a horrible effect on my skin and hair. Thus, understanding the appropriate time and way is significant.

At this point, It's essential to clear the myth of taking over and high-calorie diet for recovering. Convalescing from post-pregnancy losses requires a good, healthy, and nutritious food. Which benefits you and your baby, rather than eating unnecessarily, which adds more inches to the body. So hold on your adrenaline rush for fitness and cherish the beauty of new growth.

Motherhood is a blessing

"We have a secret in our culture, and it's not that birth is painful. It's that women are strong." - Laura Stavoe Harm

Giving birth to a baby features many stressors for moms, and the most intense stress is psychological. Reasons may include poor sleep, fears of the baby's health, negative thinking, financial worries, breastfeed, and time management. Hence, it results in sadness, anxiety, and mood swings, it affects approximately 30% to 80% of women in the world. According to research, it is triggered by a sudden reduction of progesterone in your body.

The best treatment for a baby-blues is to get social support, stay surrounded by people who willingly help and understand your situation. However, in some cases, where people are living far from their families, it becomes hard to wield.

In that case, you need to work on self help-measures. Plan your routine according to the baby's activities. By giving yourself a good 30 to 60 minutes break a day, could do wonders. Watching your favorite shows and movies, cooking, going for a walk, listening to music, meditation, exercise, reading a book, or chatting with friends. Whichever way suits you, give some time to yourself, and see the difference.

I was in the same trauma in my postpartum days. Living away from family and friends took me to emotional isolation, even though I knew the way out. Gradually, indulging in my favorite pastimes and mindfulness benefited me.

If you feel scared or out of control, inform your provider and get the proper treatment to deal with baby-blues. Postpartum days are the recovering days for mothers. It is extremely essential to do everything sagely and celebrate each day of motherhood.

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