Back to School: A Mother’s Quandary

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

What is more important, active learning in the classroom with mates or the child’s safety!! This is a big quandary in mothers these days.

The year 2020 came with an intruder called CORONA. The whole world suffered this pandemic and is still dealing with the disease by taking safety measures, as this has now become a New Normal. People began working from home and practicing social distancing. Children completed their school sessions with e-Learning with the assistance of their guardians. This caused fatigue to mothers who spent printing worksheets for their kids or scanning them to send back to the teacher. It was difficult with one kid, but with three or four, it looked impossible. Even then the mothers turned it into possible to cushion the circumstances. The trouble caused to women is the 24/7 supervision of their minors. Since the pandemic has taken place, mothers are playing the roles of friends, mentors, classmates, neighbors, and teachers to their child. This over duty has exhausted all moms. Apart from their physical stress, moms want their children to have some social activities, to keep their mental health secure.

Remote learning took place for months and yet made children technology expert within their comfort. Now that things are getting back to normal, and campus learning is more likely to start with safety protocols. Still, mothers are perpetual about sending their doted progenies to school. “ I often hear moms who are thinking of their children getting back to school; tell me they need flexibility, but kids being at home is driving them crazy".

Being a mother, I see my child spending the whole day with toys and gadgets. Social fun and outdoor activities are extremely missing from their lives. This has increased the pressure on mothers to entertain them in all aspects. Mothers are effortlessly working to buffer the situation and keeping their babies safe. Whether it is playing, involving kids in house chores, or other indoor activities, it's all working as coping mechanisms for a mother.

An ambivalence is triggering all mothers; commuting kids to school will release just about physical stress at home, but it highly increases fear of the child’s well being. Schools would bring back the routine life, where children socialize, talk, fight, play, get tired, and actively participate in learning. Though this time, the angst of this pandemic overweighs the joy of being Back to School.

This year, the back to school excitement is replaced by a Quandary; A quandary between remote or campus learning, a quandary of shopping stationery or sanitizing stuff, a quandary of buying a new uniform, or masks/shield.

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