How Indians can apply for Pakistan Visa from Dubai

Many people asked me how do I travel to Pakistan so frequently, and what is the visa process for Indian nationals from Dubai. I am writing a complete procedure for Indian citizens to apply for a Pakistan visa from the UAE. You can apply either from the embassy of Pakistan Abu Dhabi, or the consulate general office of Pakistan, Dubai.

All Indians wishing to visit Pakistan must obtain a valid visa. Visit visas are issued to Indian nationals to meet relatives, friends, or for any other legitimate purpose. This type of visa is also issued to bonafide Indian businessman for 6 months with 3 entries.

How Indians can apply for Pakistan Visa from Dubai
Visa process

The basic requirements for obtaining a visit visa are as follows.

Documents required:

  1. Clear passport size photo (9 copies)

  2. Details of a sponsor in Pakistan: name, complete address, and current contact number

  3. Copy of NIC of the sponsor.

  4. Valid passport copy, the passport should be valid for at least one year

  5. Passport copy with UAE residence visa page (visa should be at least 6 months valid)

  6. NOC from the local sponsor in UAE.

If the spouse is Pakistani:

  1. Clear passport size photo (9 copies)

  2. NOC from spouse

  3. Marriage certificate copy

  4. Passport copy of both husband and wife with UAE residence visa page. (visa should be at least 6 months valid)

  5. Details of a relative in Pakistan: name, complete address, and current contact number.

Process for Pakistan's visit visa for Indian citizens from UAE:

  • Get an application form from the Pakistan consulate office/embassy UAE.

  • Embassy timings are from 8 am to 12:30 pm Sunday to Thursday (timings may vary due to the pandemic situation)

  • You can type it yourself or get it done by the typist available in the embassy

  • Make 7 sets of the form along with all required documents

  • The form should be filled in capital bold letters. No columns to be left blank.

  • Need to fill relative's or sponsor's information in the form, to whom you are visiting, along with their NIC copy and current contact details.

  • If you are traveling on an invitation from a Pakistani citizen, you must carry complete details of that person. Which includes the full name of the invitee, telephone/mobile number, CNIC number. 7 copies of these documents to be attached with the application.

  • The first application form will require 2 photos, all other needs 1 photo only.

  • The visit visa application allows you to apply any 3 cities, however, it is recommended to apply for destination city only, to secure processing time.

  • Check ports for Indian nationals: by air Karachi/ Lahore/ Islamabad

  • You must mention the check port city in your application if you have applied for any other city of Pakistan. Your check port should be the same for entry and exit.

  • The submission fee is 5 Aed, earlier it was 88 Aed. Payable at UBL counter in the embassy only.

  • The Visa officer will check your documents thoroughly, if all are completely correct, he will keep 4 forms and return the remaining 3.

  • After submission, you will be asked to wait until you get approval.

  • In some cases, the inquiry is done from Pakistan which takes quite a long time, especially for people traveling the first time.

  • Keep checking your visa status via call.

  • Once you get approval, you have to submit your passport to the embassy for visa stamping. Generally, it takes 2 to 3 days.

  • 2 copies of the application form will be returned to an applicant with a visa. One each should be handed over to the Pakistan immigration office on arrival and police registration office.

  • You have to report to the SP office within 24 hours of your arrival to get an entry stamp.

  • You should stay only according to the days approved on your visa, whether 30 or 90.

  • Get exit stamp done from the SP office and leave within 24 hours after exit submission.

People who have a Pakistani spouse get their visa a little earlier than others. The processing period depends from case to case, make sure you have all valid and legal documents before submitting your application. Wrong or illegal credentials may cause ramifications.


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Disclaimer: Please note all information given in the blog is from my personal experience of traveling Pakistan from the UAE. I am not the authorized person for visa issuance. The rules and requirements are always subject to change from the governments of both countries.


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