How Pakistani can get Indian visa from Dubai

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

A lot of people get curious to know how I got married in India to a Pakistani man. How did he get his visa from the UAE? I am writing a complete procedure for Pakistani citizens to apply for an Indian visa from Dubai.

All Pakistani's wishing to visit India must obtain a valid visa. Visit visa (entry permit) is granted to Pakistan nationals, who have blood relatives in India or other legitimate purposes, and should furnish documentary proof in support thereof.

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The basic requirements for obtaining a visit visa are as follows.

Documents required:

  • Properly filled up online application form (3 sets) with the signature of the applicant

  • 3 recent Passport size colored photos (51mm x 51mm) not older than three months, no uniform, with a white background.

  • Original passport with photocopy of current and old passports with valid UAE residence visa page (Visa should be at least 6 months valid)

  • Pakistan National reference FAX form (ONE SET)

  • Copy of previous Indian Visa if any

  • Clear colored copy of Pakistan National Identity card and Emirates ID

  • Proof of Residency -Tenancy contract (if tenancy contract is in Arabic then the legal translation in English is required)

  • If the tenancy contract is under the applicant's relative then a letter of confirmation and passport copy is required.

  • If the applicant is not related to the landlord, letter of confirmation attested by Dubai Courts and passport copy.

  • Salary certificate of current job

  • Complete details of a relative in India with a valid Indian passport/ ID copy is required.

  • Documentary evidence to support the reason for the visit, eg: wedding card

  • Original Sponsorship Certificate duly attested in India (photo testified with a seal of the officer, signature, and date when it was attached)

  • Sponsorship certificate attestation to be done by the DM/SP/SDM/Tehsildar/BDO/SHO/ Group -‘A’ officers of the Central and State Government / Principal of Government college/Principal or Head Master of Govt. School

  • Original Self-attested Official ID copy of the concerned officer.

If the spouse is an Indian:

  1. If the spouse is an Indian passport holder, then the applicant's name must be endorsed in her/his passport

  2. Indian passport copy of spouse with endorsement page

  3. NOC from spouse

  4. Attested copy of the marriage certificate.

Process for Indian visit visa for Pakistani citizens from Dubai:

  • Go to the given website and fill the online application form (keep saving the details)

  • Once all details are filled, save it and download the file

  • You can apply for a 14, 30, 45, 60, or 90 days entry permit

  • Download and fill Pakistan national reference FAX form

  • Attach all the required documents with the application form

  • Check ports for Pakistan nationals: by air Chennai/ Mumbai/ Delhi

  • You must mention the check port city in your application if you have applied for any other city in India. Your check port should be the same for entry and exit

  • You will need 3 sets of copies of the complete form

  • Submit your application to BLS international office Dubai

  • Check out BLS International's website for timings and branch locations

  • BLS official will check in detail and only accept if all required details are filled and attached correctly

  • The visa submission fee is approx 180-200 AED (including courier service), payable at the BLS office only

  • After submission, you will be asked to wait until you get approval

  • Wait for your visa to get approved, it takes 1 to 3 months to get approval (depends from case to case), Keep checking your visa status online

  • Once you get approval, you will be asked to submit passport at the BLS office

  • You will receive your passport with a visa stamp through a courier. Generally, it takes 2 to 3 days

  • If your destination and check port city is different, you must immediately leave for your destination after landing in India

  • You have to report to the nearby police station then the SP office within 24 hours of your arrival to get a living permit

  • You should stay only according to the days approved on your visa, whether 30 or 90

  • Get exit stamp done from the SP office and leave within 24 hours after exit submission.

The processing period depends from case to case. Make sure you have all valid and legal documents before submitting your application. Wrong or illegal credentials may cause ramifications.

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Disclaimer: Please note all information given in the blog is from my personal experience of traveling with my spouse to India from the UAE. I am not the authorized person for visa issuance. The rules and requirements are always subject to change from the governments of both countries.


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