My first anxiety experience

Anxiety is that piece of cake that you don't know the flavor of until you taste it. I had no idea of depression, mental stress, trauma until I experienced it. I used to see many movies and dramas where a character portrays a role of a person facing anxiety or extreme panic for a certain reason, but I would believe it's fiction.

During my college days, I started having sleep issues. soon I discovered that It's a side-effect of excess caffeine in my diet. I was a coffee lover, but due to my insomniac issues, I had to limit my caffeine consumption.

Having issues with sleep for a teenager is not normal and shouldn't be taken easily. It may cause severe harm, as in my case. One fine day, I came back from college and started feeling heavy breaths, soon it worsens and started developing an unknowing fear in me which left me to shiver in panic. My family could not understand, but they assumed its due to my previous sleepless nights. They tried to relax me by creating a calm and dark sleeping atmosphere. Since it was my first attack, I calmed down easily and slept. By that time I didn't know about my condition or what it is called.

My  first anxiety experience

My second attack happened right after my marriage. Ohh my marriage! what to say. (checkout the story of cross-border marriage). I had severe stress as my marriage was a fruit of my 6 years of wait. I had countless nights without sleep. The stress of what if my father says no at the last moment, what if India and Pakistan get into a war and stop accepting visitors, what if my husband couldn't get a visa at the last moment, what if my husband loses his job in Dubai, where will we go; and millions of what, why and how kept rotating in my thoughts. My feelings were on pins and needles to see everything goes normal.

Finally, everything happened as planned. We got married without any hindrance and with the blessings of my family. But that trivial stress led me to a panic attack on the second day of my marriage. This was my second attack. This time also I didn't bother about the reasons for this condition and took it as emotional exhaustion.

I never thought I could have such a medical condition that will become difficult for me as well as my family. After my third attack, I realized that this is something serious and I have to be aware of my condition. My third panic attack was the worst one, as it took me almost 48 hours to come out of that trauma.

Panic or anxiety attacks are not an easy thing to handle until you know about their treatment. I got an attack where I was screaming and crying and my family seems to be helpless to understand my mental condition. The extreme fear of death, hypertension, hyperventilation, palpitation, and chills surrounded me. When I was taken to the hospital, the emergency staff was unaware of my condition. They checked my vitals BP, blood sugar, body temperature, heart rate, pulse rate, everything was normal. The infirmary staff said, you are completely fine, but I was still begging them to save me. My issue was psychological, and the hospital staff was untrained for that.

The worst part was I would cry and ask for help where the people around me would judge my condition and blame it on black magic or the evil eye.

I knew this has to be treated by me only. After my recovery, I started educating myself about the symptoms and treatment of it.

Even after knowing about my condition in detail, I still can't help myself to stop having it. But gradually I have been learning about the trigger points which cause me anxiety. That helps me to prevent an attack and supports me in finding a solution without getting into a panicking situation.

Anxiety is a problem when it becomes overwhelming or unmanageable and it comes up unexpectedly. This might takes a person towards a disorder. Anxiety disorders are mental illnesses that have a big impact on your life. People may avoid going about their daily lives to keep away from anxiety.

After knowing all that in detail, I realized the importance of self-awareness and alertness. Anxiety or panic are psychological conditions and one has to be aware of its symptoms and treatments to avoid further damage. I followed a few lifestyle changes to avoid getting into that vulnerable side of mine, and it helps me magically.

(Depression and Anxiety: symptoms, treatment, self-care, and first aid)

The awareness of symptoms and treatment of Anxiety

I see many people around me who have similar issues but are not aware of this medical condition. Once, while having a conversation with my colleague, I got to know about her panic disorder, but she does not know how to deal with it. Her condition becomes so serious sometimes that leaves her with suicidal thoughts. While talking to her I was surprised to know that she hides her condition from others because she is afraid that if she tells people, she would be judged on her mental illness.

This is not just one case, there are many people around the globe, who have anxiety or panic issues but still, they are not aware of the symptoms and treatment of it. After my various experiences, I found there is no first aid treatment available in 80% of hospitals for anxiety or panic patients.

It's my approach to all the people reading this article to talk about it if you have a similar issue. I believe it needs to come into an action where mental health authorities and specialists demonstrate to the public the basic symptoms and treatment for anxiety/panic attacks.


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