Public and private self-awareness: Importance of Body Respect

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

It took a lot of courage to write on this matter, it's my opinion and a slight initiative to make the world a better place. It's an approach to all; whether you have a school-age child or not, take out a few moments of your precious time to read and spread the word. Remember children are the future of this world, all we are are solely responsible to build a secure tomorrow. #socialawareness #educatechild #spreadtheword #bodyrespect #InMyWordsae #publicselfawareness

Body manners and awareness

An 11-year-old girl complained to me about a boy of her age, that he touched her in a wrong way and continued... that’s shocking. Being a mentor, I was satisfied seeing the girl’s reaction as she is self-aware and knows how to stop it; but what bothered me was the boy. A boy who has not even reached his adolescent is involved in such actions.

I have a serious concern for kids as they are growing in such mindsets and apparently these kids only grow up and turn into molesters...

As an educator, I feel it's my responsibility to step forward and stop this disrespectful behavior from the very beginning. There are many programs, sessions, and workshops taking place globally to sensitize children about ‘good and bad touch’ and has worked immensely.

I believe it's equally important to educate children to respect each other’s bodies and know that one should not touch anyone without their consent.

Happy Kids will be a happy tomorrow

So what can we do to stop this:

The first step is to let the child know about the public and private self-awareness. Public self-awareness is when your child understands how other people are seeing him, and how his actions are making others uncomfortable, whereas private self-awareness refers to an awareness of oneself from a personal perspective Secondly, the child should know the sensitivity of touching others when they don’t like it. Finally and most importantly, it is very essential to develop a sense of respect for each other’s body. A child should be aware of how, and when they are allowed to touch or even see other’s body parts.

It’s high time to start teaching young children about the “importance of body respect”,  to help prevent more damage and save future generations.

If you agree to this thought; share and spread as much as you can to have more sessions and workshops on “body respect”.

Most importantly, start implementing from your home first and educate your offsprings to respect others by all means.

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