Why I love living in the UAE!!

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

It all started when I shifted to UAE after marriage. Like any other ex-pat couple living here; my growing love was expected. But… my affection was different as this place gave me shelter to live with my identity. I know you all must be thinking about how it differs; So let me take you to the journey of my life and tell you why I love living in the UAE.

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Let me start by introducing my family, we are a family of three, me an Indian, my husband a Pakistani, and our son (he calls himself from UAE!!). Shifting to UAE was the only option as extenuating circumstances of my marriage.

When my husband popped up the question, my only concern was, how my family is going to accept it!. My fear came to be true, and it took 6 years to persuade my father. Apparently, his acquiescence ended up with a condition to be settled in UAE. Being a father, his concerns were justified, as he never wanted me to get into visa trouble to meet him. Moreover, he was worried about the conflict between the Indo-Pak borders.

The city of dreams

Consequently, we decided to start our married life in the UAE. The best part is, UAE is always open for people like us. I begin my life as a wife and mother in here. Started my career as an educator, and grew more independent and strong. One of 1000 reasons, why I love the UAE is the diversity and safety of the place.

Despite the fact that we both have grown in different countries with varied cultures, we are able to keep our son away from national discrimination. This place gives us the liberty to practice our patriotic deeds without offending others. I don’t know what destiny holds for me in the future, but as long I reside here; I am going to cherish each day. #loveUAE #shelter #nationaism #InMyWordsae #beingintellectual #diversewithme.

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